The Elements Quintet


The Elements 

A quintet of 'green fantasy' novels aimed at readers of 12 and up

by Stephanie Scofield

Imagine a page turning fantasy adventure story involving real magic, ancient conspiracies, evil big businesses/eco villains,  the voices of animals/Mother Earth and the primordial Truths of myths and legends...

Imagine a World not unlike our own, but a World putting its trust in a 12 year old boy and the wisdom and magic of our forebears to save it from destruction...



When did it all begin? Was it the day that an 11 year old boy, alone on a bleak mountainside, looked down into the heart of a volcano and saw a pair of gleaming orange eyes staring back at him?

Maybe, though, it really began 6 months later, on Midsummer's Day, Owen Shepherd's 12th birthday; the day when he followed a curious holly clad figure into the woods beyond the foxgloves; the day when he was given a mysterious key.

Or was it long, long before, back in an age lost to history, when two twin brothers made a magical pact?

But perhaps it all began further back still, at the dawn of time itself, with the oldest of the Elemental Spirits, the Lord of Fire, who, jealous of the Sun above, and driven by an insatiable hunger for power and glory, found in man his perfect ally...



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